Canyonlands Half Marathon



What time do the races start?
Five Mile Run starts at 9:30 AM
Half Marathon Wheelchair starts at 9:50 AM
Half Marathon Run starts at 10:00 AM

I got injured/pregnant/called out of town unexpectedly and can’t make the race. Can I have a refund?
We have a strict NO REFUND policy. Once you have registered for the event, you will be charged and refunds are not an option. You are welcome to pickup your goody bag and race shirt, or have someone pick those items up, if you are not running.

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?
We have a strict NO TRANSFER policy.

Then can I just give my bib to someone else?
Running with someone else’s bib number is: a safety and liability issue for race staff and medical personnel; unfair to those who didn’t get to sign up before registration closed; and alters race results, sometimes depriving a deserving award winner of their medal. Anyone running under an incorrect number will be disqualified from the race and may be banned from MHM events.


Can I change my race from the Half Marathon to the Five Mile or vice versa?
You can change your race until race week once you have registered by contacting us. You may also change your race on Friday at the Pre Race Expo. Please pick up your race packet and shirt, then come to the Help Desk to get a new bib and timing chip.  There may be a fee; refer to your confirmation card for information.

I lost/never received/my spouse threw away my confirmation card.
Confirm that you are registered for the race. Come to the Pre Race Expo with your photo ID and lookup your bib number posted outside the Gym.

The Registration Search shows I'm registered, but I never got a confirmation email!
Security settings on your email may be blocking or redirecting race mail to your junk folder.  Be sure to check for correspondence from us in your junk mail folder and at all email addresses you use before contacting us on this matter.  Please let us know if your email or physical address changes, as that is how we stay in touch with race registrants. Go to Registration Search

I didn’t get in last year; does that mean my chances are better?
If you apply and are not selected in the lottery two years in the row, we will guarantee your entry the third year. You will need to notify MHM.

If I didn’t get picked in the lottery, is there another way to get in?

Slots are available through Charity Registration or Fundraising Registration.

What is group registration?

Group registration allows up to 6 individuals to be tied together for the lottery. If the group is selected in the lottery, everyone in the group is in the race. If the group is not selected in the lottery, everyone is out of the race. Groups dissolve after the pick has been made—we do not have a record of groups after lottery selection.

Should I register with a group?

Those who only want to participate if certain other people will be running should sign up as a group with those certain other people. Husband/wife pairs, families, friends training together, etc. are examples of people who register as a group. Group members can run different races.

How does group registration affect my chances of getting into the race?

A person’s likelihood of being selected in the lottery is exactly the same for group versus individual registration. In other words, the odds of being selected will not go up or down by going through the lottery process as a group.

I forgot to sign up with my group and they got picked and I didn’t.

We strongly encourage everyone to confirm that they are in the right group before lottery registration closes. We cannot make changes to group or individual status after the selection.

First Timers

What should I wear to the race?
Both race starts are usually chilly. Temperatures on race day can vary from the low 20's to the high 80's.  Wear warm layers for the wait before your race start and plan to wear less for the actual race. Check the weather forecast and adjust your wardrobe accordingly.

What is a gear bag / how does gear transport work?
All those warm layers you wore for the wait before the race starts will go into your gear bag (the bag you got at packet pickup) which you then need to put into the gear transport truck before it departs from the start. The bag tag on your bib should be torn off and affixed to your securely closed bag with a zip tie. Volunteers will sort all the bags at the finish by bib number during the race, so you can pick up your items at the Gear Bag Pickup at Swanny City Park after you’re done.

What is the difference between gun time and chip time?
Gun time reflects the time it took you to get to the finish line after the gun went off. Unless you were toeing the start line, your gun time will be slightly slower than your chip time. The difference is the time it took you to cross the start pad after the gun fired. If everyone lines up at the start according to the pace signs, relative results (e.g. how you place in your age group) will be an accurate reflection of performance.  Only the fastest runners (sub 6:00 pace) should be right at the start line when the gun goes off.

Do we get finisher medals for this race?
Yes, you will receive a finisher medal for the Canyonlands Half Marathon.

Where is Lost and Found?
There will be a Lost and Found located at the Help Desk at the Packet Pickup Expo on Friday.
The Lost and Found on Saturday will be located at the south end of the Gear Bag Pickup at Swanny City Park.



Do I have to take a shuttle to the start?
Yes—there is no parking or drop offs at the start. Hwy 128 is closed to traffic at 8 am on Saturday morning.

Where and when do I catch a shuttle?
Half Marathon runners catch their shuttle on the south side of Swanny City Park.
Five Mile runners catch their shuttle in front of HMK elementary school on the north side of Swanny City Park.
All shuttles depart between 7:30 and 8:15 am. If you are late, do not expect there will be a bus for you!

Why do I have to get on a bus so early / why does the race start so late?
It takes two hours to load, transport and unload 4000 runners on a narrow winding canyon road. We allot 45 minutes for bus loading and run the shuttles as efficiently as possible to minimize the time runners are waiting at the start line. Most people will have a wait of between 1 ½ hours and 2 hours. The long wait is just part of this event—consider it your badge of honor for getting to run one of the most beautiful courses in the country, traffic free!


Can I wear earbuds/headphones?
We strongly recommend that you refrain from using portable music players at our events. This is a safety issue—you need to be able to hear the runners around you and any safety or medical vehicles (including bikes) that are trying to move along the course. If you are a competitive runner (including those who may place in their age group) you may not use any “video, audio, or communications devices in the competition area” per USATF rule 144.3

Are strollers allowed?
Strollers, roller or inline skates, skateboards, scooters, bikes, dogs, unregistered runners and runners moving upriver are NOT ALLOWED on either the Half Marathon or Five Mile courses.

Where can people watch and cheer on the runners?
Because Hwy 128 is closed to traffic, spectating is available near the finish (along 500 West and 400 North) only.

I’m concerned I won’t be able to finish the race inside of the 3hour, 15 minute cutoff time. What should I do?
The course time limit allows for approximately a 14:53 minutes per mile pace. If you are caught by the Sweep Vehicle traveling that pace, you MUST board the Sweep Bus accompanying this vehicle for transport to the finish area. For your safety, the Utah Highway Patrol, Utah Department of Transportation and Moab City police department do not allow runners to continue once the course has been re-opened to traffic. Keep in mind that course services including water stations and medical aid will also be discontinued once the Sweep Vehicle comes through. The finish line closes at 1:15 pm. Finish line food and services will be available only to those finishing within the allotted time limit.

Why aren’t there barrel fires at the start like there are at The Other Half?
The Canyonlands Half Marathon and Five Mile Run starts are located on Bureau of Land Management land. Barrel fires are, unfortunately, prohibited. We strongly recommend you wear warm layers for the wait at the start. Early arrivals will also find hot chocolate and coffee waiting for them.

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